Installation Nano Ceramic - Type Nano -large size Or 4X4

Regarded films of nano ceramics from Nano Shield, is the strongest in the heat isolate compared to those of the products available in the market, and the longest, as used by NASA America to isolate the compounds, and that is the main reason why the world is heading for this article is perfect insulator and better especially as it represents the new generation in its field

Installation Nano Ceramic Window Film

Nano Ceramic ( Nano ) Type

Rejection temperature infrared and a significant reduction in the operation of air conditioning, maintenance and ease the load on the electricity in terms of providing more in electric bill up to 50% due to the provision of work cumberer in conditioner and cooler place faster and maintain a cool, where is set a standard temperature of 22 degrees instead of 18 degrees cumberer thereby acting for a while and then provides a close in the withdrawal of electricity Films are free of artificial colors and fibers 100% , fixed color does not change with time or with oxidized weather

Carpon Hyper forms ( CH ) Type

high performance Type ( HP )

Ceramic insulation film to address the emergence of a metal film never be able to solve some of the questions:
Unshielded effect. Of radio signals without any interference, especially in the short-wave satellite signal, no metal shielding effect of the film. Rather, the ceramic paste installed insulation film is absolutely no need to worry about the vehicle's car radio can receive the signal.
• Never oxidation. Ceramic Window Film is not as metal membrane, over time will gradually be oxidized, thus ensuring the stability and insulation properties of life.
Will never fade. General metal membrane to remove metal particles of color dye will be added, and the amber ceramic insulating ceramic membrane inherent in the use of color, do not add any color, so there would not be bleaching.
Super durable. Ceramic Window Film warranty for a period of 10 years, insulated metal film in general is five years.
Classical aesthetic. Insulated with a ceramic membrane as Nano Shield's like crystal clear sense of beauty, color, soft, you can get the most comfortable visual effects.
Nano Shield Nano Ceramic Window Film was first used in the United States Space Shuttle and International Space Station, was widely used in automotive, construction, marine and other fields

Installation Nano Ceramic - Type Nano -large size Or 4X4 Installation Nano Ceramic - Type Nano -large size Or 4X4