Dear Customer: a real opportunity for those who wish to operate with complete independence and codifies directors or without a formal commitment to the work of chance very Extravaganza free to operate without restriction and full freedom We offer you the opportunity of a lifetime that you make your own even a small beginning and team work will provide our full support and training for the establishment of the project and the system will provide you - franchising - Features exclusive to freedom of driving to your project with complete independence. We like you want to produce and achieve the highest return-for-profit budget Nano Shield guarantee you the chances of selling more meaningfully Of exclusive products and high-quality and scientifically and technically advanced and unlimited guarantee the franchise gives you the opportunity to work and earn in your area freely and without a price war and without rival remember


Nano Shield provides you with the following services

  • choose the country, city and work freely without competitors final
  • polishing and protecting exterior paint of the car
  • internal polishing and protection for cars
  • Insulation films Nano Ceramic
  • protection films
  • Binding and carbon fiber
  • screens and electronics

Nano Shield Product

  • polish
  • polishing accessories
  • Nano Ceramic films for thermal insulation
  • Nano films outer protective coating of car Nano Ceramic


Technical and managerial training

  • Nano Shield provides professional training for sales
  • Nano Shield provides professional training for technicians
  • Nano Shield offer to provide you with the number and equipment in cost from America
  • Nano Shield provides technical assistance in the establishment of exhibitions and workshops installation
  • Nano Shield offer to provide you with promotional work free commensurate with the first Purchase Order
  • Nano Shield supply you feasibility study project profitability FREE
  • Nano Shield offer to provide you with marketing plans and sales FREE
  • Nano Shield your help in building strategic business plans
  • the most important feature in the franchise of Nano Shield that it is for free and without expenses and property rights without buying the concession contract expenses, which means providing almost 200,000 SR ..
  • integrate your section in every business propaganda.

In order to supplement the topic we need About your current activity and how much capital to be invested in the project and what is your plan to work ... That your success is our success and this is our policy and thank you for your help meet you at the Dammam to watch and experience films Nano Ceramic nature.

For more information, you can contact me personally ...
Maher Al-Bader
Nano Shield Dammam

Dammam - Saudi Arabia

NanoShield-Dammam (The main branch)
Dammam -Al Mazroue'yah Al Ashriah Street after Sheraton Hotel
Phone number: +966138307899
Mobile No.1: +966544211164
Mobile No.2: +966546411164
Nano Shied - Sehat
Sehat -Gulf Road- Naft station - opposite Dareen mall - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Phone number: +966138307899
Mobile No.1: +966560044234
Mobile No.2: +966540505033
Nano Shied - Al Hasa almbrz branch
Al Rashdeia- madina streat - AL Mubaraz -Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mobile No.1: +966567904040
Mobile No.2: +966547777929
Nano Shield - Al Khobar
Al Khobar - Prince Sultan Street - oil terminal near the Axiom and signal DHL and PATCHI Sweets
Mobile No.1: +966534811166
Mobile No.2: +966540505033
Nano Shield - AL Riyadh
Riyadh - Al Muruj Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd
Mobile No.1: +966550044925
Mobile No.2: +966550044625
Nano Shield - AL Kharj
Old Industrial (District Montazah) - King Abdullah Road
Mobile No.1: +966504587888
Nano Shield - Qater - Doha
Salwa Road Ain Khalid area , Doha, Qatar
Mobile No.1: +97450049700
Mobile No.2: +97450039700
Naon Shield - Hail
Hail - Qassim Rd next to Toyota opposite Riyad Bank
Mobile No.1: +966544483444
Nano Shield - Ahsa Hofuf branch
Sixty Street near the entrance to the limited Nahdi Pharmacy
Mobile No.1: +0562904040